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Help build what’s ‘next’ in journalism

Much has changed since the first edition of Journalism Next became available in 2009, when the world had not yet heard of Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat. But the core concept of this guidebook—to leverage digital technology to do better journalism—has not changed at all. What is coming “next” in journalism? No one knows for sure, […]

It’s the journey that counts, not the destination

Happy New Year and welcome to a blank slate. That’s right; you have 12 months (give or take) to explore, learn, create and teach. What are you going to do with that gift? Recently I wrote a piece about the art of the side project for Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists. […]

Investing in people and product: a playbook for success

The news business is changing. Maybe you’ve heard? While the implosion of Project Thunderdome at Digital First Media has captured the “future of news” crowd’s consciousness recently with many trying to gauge the evolution of the news business through this unfortunate development. But I’ve decided to break my long blogging drought to highlight a couple […]

Ukraine conference seeks answers to important questions

What will be the new model capable of sustaining the quality news? That was a question pondered, discussed, dissected and debated last week at a conference in Kiev, Ukraine that I was honored to attend. The Foundation for Effective Governance hosted the conference at the Premier Palace Hotel and it drew some 350 attendees. Not […]

Hacking Seattle News: One winner, but many winning ideas

I love hackfests. So I was stoked to bring the idea to my day job at KING 5 this past weekend. I saw it as a great opportunity for a mainstream news organization to connect with the amazing tech community in Seattle with a goal of building a new “homepage for Seattle.” (In 2009, I […]

Are you building the future or trying to recreate the past?

I started my session at the SPJ conference in Las Vegas with a simple question: Are you optimistic about the future for journalism? Some two-thirds of the 120 or so people in attendance raised their hands. Pretty good, I thought. The question was appropriate since my session’s title was based on the “bright future for […]

Beyond J-School: Helping students build a future for digital news

Discussions on the future of journalism, or the future of the news business, often ignore one very important piece of the puzzle: education. A new series called Beyond J-School on the PBS Media Shift site is taking an in-depth look at the opportunities and the need for change. I’ve only scratched the surface on the […]

NPR executing the ultimate distribution strategy

Still think NPR is a cute little public radio station? Think again. The same technology that brought Google Maps to so many websites – the Application Programming Interface (API) – is now enabling NPR to become a distribution juggernaut. The news organization distribute the same content in many forms to many destinations with hardly any […]

Sorting through the Texas debate spin — in real time

By Jake Batsell Candidates will be slinging their share of tall tales and fudgy facts at tonight’s GOP primary debate in the Texas governor’s race. And on the real-time Web, it’s more challenging than ever for journalists to sort the truth from the spin. Tonight, as Gov. Rick Perry and U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison […]

Writers wanted! (a designer, too) Blog for Journalism 2.0

If you are passionate about the new forms that journalism is taking in the digital age, I want you to write for this blog. Here’s the deal: My startup company, Serra Media, has me focused on emerging local online business opportunities. And while I still remain passionate about journalism, there are only so many hours […]