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Less talk, more action: GonzoCamp is back

To keep the spirit of news innovation alive and burning brightly, it’s time for the second edition of GonzoCamp: Programming the future of news. It’s like a hack day, code sprint, barcamp, barn raising or many other tech-geek terms for unstructured events. This one-day event brings journalists, programmers, entrepreneurs, web designers and students together to […]

Stop the presses: Jobs for journalists popping up everywhere

The economic winter for jobs in journalism has thawed. But if you’re still waiting for traditional news organizations like newspapers to begin hiring again, you’ll be left out in the cold and might miss the massive shift to online. Recently I wrote about a handful of recent college grads who parleyed digital skills into full-time […]

Twitter party? Reporters take social networking ‘offline’

As you already know, news is no longer a one-way lecture. It’s conversation. It started with comments on stories and blog posts and has evolved in the age of social networking with Facebook and Twitter. So what’s next? Going “offline” and actually meeting with readers and sources, face-to-face. A small-but-growing number of reporters is finding […]

NYPA conference like a great newspaper time warp

Last month I traveled through what seemed like a time warp. I was transported back in time to a place where newspaper publishers gather in first-class accommodations, party with old friends and celebrate a business they love. At the annual publishers’ conference for the New York Press Association, I was introduced to a vibrant organization […]

Four things I learned at ONA

You could write a book about all the amazing projects, technologies and ideas that were shared at the Online News Association conference last week. But it takes a while to write a book (trust me) and by then, the moment would have passed. So in lieu of a definitive analysis of the best ONA conference […]

The Important Thing About Online News

There was a time when my daughter, little pistol that she is, would only let her mom read her bedtime stories. Eventually, because I wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer, I convinced her to let me read her one book. But only one book, she said. So after several months of taking turns […]