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Journalism Next coming in electronic forms

Several people have asked if and when electronic versions of my new book, Journalism Next, might become available. The good news: fairly soon. Chris O’Brien, Marketing Manager of the College Publishing Group at CQ Press sent me this update yesterday: “The book is now in Amazon’s Kindle ingest process, which can take anywhere from two […]

NPR executing the ultimate distribution strategy

Still think NPR is a cute little public radio station? Think again. The same technology that brought Google Maps to so many websites – the Application Programming Interface (API) – is now enabling NPR to become a distribution juggernaut. The news organization distribute the same content in many forms to many destinations with hardly any […]

Journalism’s Next Generation: Working with Millennials

By Jake Batsell Landing a plum newsroom job straight out of college has never been an easy feat. But this year’s journalism graduates face a double-barreled challenge: an unusually stingy job market and a growing perception that their generation has a “lax work ethic,” as a Washington Post headline declared last week. The Post’s story […]