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Believe it or not, there is still a need for more information online

If you read media blogs with any frequency, you’re familiar with the common perception that we have all the information we already need online. We just need better ways to aggregate and organize it. I disagree. People can’t find the breadth or the depth of local information that they seek. It’s not fully baked news […]

Patience and passion: Getting ready for ‘go time’

I’m officially on “the countdown” with my day job at The News Tribune. If I work through September part-time (as is the current plan) then I have something like 12 days left at the paper after this week. So this decision to branch out on my own is getting very real. Which makes me excited […]

Will newspapers get beat on classifieds again?

The dramatic decline of newspapers’ revenues from its once-dominant classifieds business has been well documented. And yes, everyone’s still blaming Craig. But now there is activity in the startup tech space aiming to unseat Craig. Techcrunch reports that iList has raised $1.5 million, claiming “Craigslist is so 1995!” on the company’s web site. Someone will, […]

Just moved in

I’m checking the place out, opening up the cupboards, figuring out what the switches turn on which lights on this shiny new WordPress blog. It’s funny, but there are many similarities to launching a new blog on a new platform with moving into a new house or apartment. I’m excited to see what’s possible here.