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Six steps to turn your idea into a product

Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything. I’ve said that many times, starting with my first book almost 10 years ago. It’s always been true. And is the cornerstone of the talk I delivered Wednesday to a group of smart, enterprising college professors at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism during the Scripps Howard workshop for entrepreneurial […]

Defining what’s good in digital journalism

Now that (most) journalists are working in digital – using audio, video, social media, blogs and databases in their reporting – how do we define whether any of it is good or not? It’s a tough question, and one that I’ve tackled a couple of times recently at workshops and conferences, most recently at the […]

Twitter party? Reporters take social networking ‘offline’

As you already know, news is no longer a one-way lecture. It’s conversation. It started with comments on stories and blog posts and has evolved in the age of social networking with Facebook and Twitter. So what’s next? Going “offline” and actually meeting with readers and sources, face-to-face. A small-but-growing number of reporters is finding […]

Are you waiting to be anointed?

It’s classic workplace culture: employees shake their heads and curse the inaction of management (whether under their breath of with colleagues around the water cooler). In times of stability, it’s a drain on innovation. In times of disruption, it’s dangerous (and quite possibly fatal.) I visited the newsroom of the Wichita Eagle yesterday and gave […]

News21 exploring – and producing – the future of news

News21 is an ambitious project, attempting to chart a course of innovation for news coverage that is both “immersive” and “socially powerful,” in the words of Jody Brannon, News21′s national director. Brannon, who has been working in online news since 1995 with stints at, and, has been leading the project for the […]

The deadly sins of newspapers

I’m in Cooperstown today, speaking at the New York Newspaper Publishers Association annual conference. As a left coaster, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the history here: the local newspaper has been around for 201 years, the hotel is celebrating its 100th birthday and this is the 156th edition of the conference. (And tomorrow I’ll be […]

Build an ‘insanely great’ news web site

In the past 10 years, I’ve been involved in countless discussions about new and innovative ways to do journalism online. Staff meetings, editors retreats, conference panel discussions, workshops and on and on. Not once did I hear anyone set the goal as high as building an “insanely great web service,” as this excellent piece from […]

How to bring a startup culture into the newsroom

Video tells story of the human spirt and goes viral

(NOTE: The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Journalism Next, which will be published by CQPress and is due out in the fall.) Charles Betram was home mowing his lawn on a sunny weekend in Lexington a year ago when his assignment editor and good friend, Tom Woods, called. Woods was watching his […]

Ambitious local news plan shows commitment to innovation

Steve Buttry posted the complete – and I mean complete – details of Gazette Communications’ plan to revolutionize its business yesterday. It’s worth a glance if you care about the evolution of local news and worth a full read if you’re responsible for running a local news business. (Sorry, but suing Google is not part […]