Build an ‘insanely great’ news web site

Here is Lunn’s scorecard, which he calls “Six Milestones from 30 Seconds to 3 Years,” for what an insanely great web product looks like to the average user:

30 seconds: “I get it.”
3 minutes: “I’ve used it and still get it, and it has not annoyed me yet.”
3 days: “I find this really useful or fun.”
3 weeks: “I am raving about this to other people.”
3 months: “I couldn’t imagine not having this, and I’m boring my friends telling them about it.”
3 years: “How weird to see this on Oprah.”

    Read the entire post for his elaboration on each point. And the next time you’re invited to a strategy or planning meeting, use the scorecard as a checklist for the goals of your mission. After all, if your service is not useful and people are not raving about it to others, is it worth spending 40-60 hours a week working on? (Appearance on Oprah optional.)

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