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Video of my talk from SXSW

Here is a video from my talk at SXSW, courtesy of Dale Blasingame (@normalguyguide). Thanks, Dale!

SXSW presentation slides

Here is the Prezi I put together for my talk today at SXSW Interactive in Austin. Thanks to everyone for coming out so early on a Sunday (after daylight savings times.) Entrepreneurial Journalism on Prezi

On newspapers and paywalls

I’m often asked whether newspapers will be able to successfully charge for news on their websites. Recently, the TV station where I work asked me to weigh in for a story. To summarize, I think it could be a supplemental revenue source for newspapers that publish high-quality, niche content. And only if the paywall goes […]

SXSW: A guide for journalists

The country’s biggest digital media conference, SXSW Interactive, is this week in Austin. (If you’re on Twitter, you’ve certainly noticed.) It started as a small, niche offshoot of the more popular music conference but has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and, thankfully, so has the presence of journalism at the confab. Many of […]