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A news entrepreneur discovers her raison d’être

(NOTE: Following is a guest post from Julia Scott, who makes a living writing the savvy-spending blog, Four months ago I gave up my job as a reporter, blogger and columnist at a mid-size newspaper to launch my own personal finance blog. I knew in my gut that this career path, though uncertain, held […]

Video tells story of the human spirt and goes viral

(NOTE: The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Journalism Next, which will be published by CQPress and is due out in the fall.) Charles Betram was home mowing his lawn on a sunny weekend in Lexington a year ago when his assignment editor and good friend, Tom Woods, called. Woods was watching his […]

GonzoCamp report: An emerging role for journalism when mixed with technology

A key role for journalism in the digital age is to provide intelligence to data. That emerged as a common theme running through each of the projects developed Friday at GonzoCamp in Seattle. Now that we are swimming in more data than ever, journalists need to develop technology to help them provide intelligence for that […]

The race is on at GonzoCamp

GonzoCamp is in full swing at the University of Washington in Seattle. Three teams are working on different ideas that were picked from more than a dozen suggestions pitched during the morning session. Now the race is on as groups of programmers, journalists, developers and business development folks try to put build a prototype of […]

GonzoCamp goals: discover, play, learn

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve encountered this persistent conversation about the future of news and journalism in a digital world. A Senate sub-committee spent three hours on it recently and most cities in the U.S. have had their share of panel discussions and one-day workshops focused on […]

A killer app for mobile journalism

David Pogue from the New York Times shows off a seemingly “killer app” for mobile journalism with a recent feature on personal hotspots, including the the Novatel MiFi and Cradlepoint devices. The MiFi is like having a wifi router in your pocket, Pogue reports, meaning a reporter or blogger could be online from anywhere at […]

Not a bad time to launch a career

If you were just starting out in journalism and were given the chance to turn back the clock to the 1970s, a golden era for newspapers, would you do it? About half of the young journalists I spoke with yesterday would. The discussion was a kick-off to a full week at the Freedom Forum in […]

Coming soon: new ideas for the business of online journalism

I don’t know when or where I first heard the term entrepreneurial journalism, but I know it wasn’t that long ago. The business model for journalism had gone pretty much unchanged for decades in printed newspapers and magazines, with some new slices of the pie carved out for radio, then television and then cable. But […]

Unique internship opportunity at Serra Media

Just posted on the Serra Media site: There’s never been a better time for innovation in journalism, digital content and community. If that’s your thing and you need a gig this summer, we want to hear from you. Serra Media is looking for some fresh perspectives and top-notch talent to boost our mission. You will […]

In Detroit, the future is now

The Detroit Plan is “cutting edge, innovative and based on technology,” according to Paul Anger, who is Vice President, Publisher and Editor of the Detroit Free Press. While cutting back home delivery to three days a week may sound more “cutting” than “cutting edge,” the plan is showing impressive results. And Anger’s presentation was among […]