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Print is still ‘king’ in Gulf region

I’ve grown accustomed to answering questions about the future of journalism, the life expectancy of printed newspapers and the financial prospects of online journalism. I have my opinions, of course. But the skepticism I’m used to hearing from journalists in the U.S. pales in comparison to some of the comments heard at a panel discussion […]

My interview on Dubai radio

Thanks to Richard Dean of Dubai Eye radio station for having me on his show yesterday. We covered a lot of ground – from citizen journalism to jobs to the business prospects for media’s big boys – in less than 20 minutes. If you’re interested, you can listen to the interview here.

A journalism (r)evolution in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has had the world’s fastest growing economy for the past five years. That growth hasn’t extended to the media sector, however, as the spread of news remains limited to a few pro-government newspapers and some underground anti-government publications. During my four days in Baku, the nation’s capital city, I met with dozens of journalists. […]

Tweet-up and panel discussion tomorrow (in Dubai)

While few, if any, of you will be able to attend, I still thought you’d be interested in knowing about an event I’ll be participating in tomorrow. I hope to send updates via Twitter, but I’m afraid of AT&T’s data roaming charges on my iPhone so probably won’t do any live-tweeting unless there is wifi. […]

Remember bloggers v. journalists? Debate ongoing in Baku

Can bloggers be journalists? It’s a debate that raged for years in the U.S. (far too long if you ask me), and it can still raise hackles. In Baku, Azerbaijan, it could mean the difference between having a free press or not. Visiting Baku this week and speaking with different groups of journalists and journalism […]

In Baku, journalism isn’t a career, it’s a calling

Journalists in the U.S. are concerned for the future. Journalists in Baku are concerned for the present. I’ll be honest: When I received that first email almost a year ago from Terry Davidson at the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan, expressing interest in translating my book and having me visit the country, my first thought was […]

What are journalists really worth today?

This week’s New York Times magazine takes a stab at “What are you really worth” this week and includes a lengthy piece on journalists. I’ll spare you the context of the how the market has devalued traditional journalism while creating new opportunities and simply recommend you read the entire article by Andrew Rice. The money […]