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Slaying the zombie: Yes, you can make money online

Let me echo the fine post by Robert Niles over at OJR, since its focus is the same as Chapter 3 in my latest book. Making money publishing content online CAN be done, IS being done, and does not have to involve a paywall. As Niles advises: Build a large, engaged community of readers, and […]

Six Traits of Successful Entrepreneurial Journalists webinar next week

I am frequently asked what traits to successful journo-entrepreneurs share. Having communicated with dozens of them while researching and analyzing their journalism startups in the past few years, I think I have a pretty good sense of what those common traits are and will discuss them in some depth next Thursday during a webinar hosted […]

Good journalism AND good capitalism

Can a good journalist be a good capitalist? It’s a question that was posed miles away but influenced a dynamic discussion about journalism startups at last night’s #Newsnext meetup in Seattle, co-sponsored by ONA and SPJ. On display were GeekWire and Xconomy, two startups I have written about before, which are thriving using different approaches […]