Slaying the zombie: Yes, you can make money online

Let me echo the fine post by Robert Niles over at OJR, since its focus is the same as Chapter 3 in my latest book. Making money publishing content online CAN be done, IS being done, and does not have to involve a paywall. As Niles advises:

Build a large, engaged community of readers, and advertisers who want to reach those readers will come to you. And stick with you, too.

In addition to advertising, Niles suggests eBooks, videos, merchandise and events. In my book and various talks, I have focused more on advertising, events, professional services and premium content, but I like Niles’ approach with eBooks. It’s a form of premium content that continues to grow in popularity with users – and former newspaper digital folks. Dan Pacheco has been operating BookBrewer for a couple of years now and Michelle Nicolosi recently left to start her own eBook business.

Premium video is a market I would love to see materialize. Until it does, video is still a worthwhile investment for news sites since the CPMs on video content are so much higher than regular banner ads (and way higher than network and remnant ads).

If you are interested in diving in deep on this topic, consider attending Revenue Camp for Journalists at The Poynter Institute in May. We are assembling a killer lineup of speakers, including Rafat Ali (paidContent), Mike Orren (Pegasus News) and Rebecca Lovell (GeekWire). More information here:

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