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Next-gen journalists creating the future today

In a recent “future of journalism” interview, author Clay Shirky said that things will get worse before they get better. He also said that he’s “a network-inhabiting news junkie of the first order” so the world “has been a paradise of additional information, additional points of view, additional access.” The challenge – and the revolution […]

2010 internships available at Serra Media

There’s never been a better time for innovation in journalism, digital content and community. So come help Serra Media build interactive digital platforms and communities for local publishers, independent journalism startups and university journalism programs. My company is looking for smart people who are enthusiastic about local content, collaborative publishing and the future of digital […]

Commitments every news startup should make

Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are still in the fridge, but I’m already anxious for the first year of the new decade. Why? Because 2010 will be the year of the Independent Journalism Startup. (There’s also the Winter Olympics and World Cup soccer, but I digress.) Several interesting new initiatives have been announced or launched recently, including […]

GonzoCamp is different because ideas get done

It’s hard to pinpoint the single best thing about GonzoCamp. It can be watching journalists learn from programmers how to define a problem and find the right approach toward solutions. Or the way students bring fresh perspectives and are enamored with working side-by-side with professionals to build something that’s real. Or the suspense that builds […]

GonzoCamp II: Fresh ideas, new approaches to news in the digital age

The second GonzoCamp is over and produced a bevy of on new and interesting ideas for the future of journalism and news in the digital age. I’ll post a complete report on Monday after I receive group reports on from the 5 teams that participated. The (four-hour!) after-party spurred allowed the innovation/conversation to continue, thanks […]

Mobile and paywalls not alone

The second GonzoCamp is under way at the Seattle P-I building. There are 5 teams working to develop prototypes or fully baked ideas to present by the end of the day. Predictably, mobile and paywalls earned some focus, as 2 of the 5 teams are taking specific ideas related to those topics. But there were […]

GonzoCamp: Tomorrow happens here

Yes, I stole that slogan from SXSW Interactive, but it definitely fits tomorrow’s GonzoCamp event that I’m very much looking forward to. (Speaking of”South-by,” I’m also excited to be presenting at the 2010 SXSW Interctive Conference about my new book. Hope to see you there.) The official slogan for GonzoCamp is “Programming the Future of […]

Defining what’s good in digital journalism

Now that (most) journalists are working in digital – using audio, video, social media, blogs and databases in their reporting – how do we define whether any of it is good or not? It’s a tough question, and one that I’ve tackled a couple of times recently at workshops and conferences, most recently at the […]

Notes from ‘The Big Picture’ session at National College Media Conference

Natalie Weinstein, a reporter at CNet News, and Jon Lebkowsky, a social media strategist, joined me to discuss “The Big Picture” at the National College Media Conference in Austin last week. Our mission was to help those who attended the session “understand the latest developments in the digital transformation of journalism, and how the news […]

Less talk, more action: GonzoCamp is back

To keep the spirit of news innovation alive and burning brightly, it’s time for the second edition of GonzoCamp: Programming the future of news. It’s like a hack day, code sprint, barcamp, barn raising or many other tech-geek terms for unstructured events. This one-day event brings journalists, programmers, entrepreneurs, web designers and students together to […]