Poynter follow-up: Tracking local audiences with social media

I want to thank everyone for the great feedback following yesterday’s doubleheader of webinar and live chat at Poynter (and Howard and Ellyn for inviting me). There were too many questions to answer and many of them focused on local implications and opportunities regarding social media. So following up on the discussion, let me offer a couple of tips that we didn’t find time to work in.

Want to power search Twitter and find local users or what people are saying about local issues? Try Topsy, which Techcrunch says is more powerful than Twitter’s own search engine.

Want to mine the social graph and figure out who the real power brokers are on your beat? If they’re on Twitter, you can use HiveMind, Follower Wonk and Twiangulate to track them down, according to this ReadWriteWeb post: Meet The First Miners of the New Social Graph.

And from Lifehacker, a recommendation for a Chrome extension called Twitter Reactions that will show you the most recent tweets about a web page you’re visiting (or have published).

If you have other recommendations for finding people or relevant conversations through social media, please offer them in the comments.

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