News:rewired coverage and new revenue models for news

Just a couple of quick highlights that you don’t want to miss:

News:rewired: If you weren’t in London last week for this one-day conference, fear not, they’ve got you covered. The folks at who organized the event also did a bang-up job covering the event for those who couldn’t be there in person. The main conference coverage page is a comprehensive roundup of links, videos and other information. Educators might consider using this as the basis for a mini lesson plan.

David Cohn on new revenue models: The Spot.Us founder weighs in on the Media Shift Idea Lab blog with a mini manifesto of sorts, titled The Search for a New Revenue Model in Journalism. “One of (the) assumptions, and I claim this all the time, is that there will always be a market for news and information,” Cohn writes. “That marketplace is in flux and hard to pin down at the moment, but people want accurate and thorough news and information. If this assumption is true, then journalism will be sustainable once we figure out the marketplace again and how to “sell” the news.”

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