Sacramento Press launches local ad network

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Expect to see more of this in the coming months: indepdent local news and information sites banding together to form a local/regional advertising network.

The Sacramento Press today announced the most recent version, called SLOAN for Sacramento Local Online Ad Network. It’s an ambitious effort, which should be no surprise coming from a start-up news site that has made a lot of progress in a relatively short time. The site counts some 700 contributors to its news machine and will soon have 18 partners to leverage when selling ads.

“We’ve been working really hard on this,” Ben Ilfeld, co-founder and COO, told me last week. “Hyperlocal ad networks have been talked about at conferences, and in the blogosphere, for some time. We wanted to tap into advertisers like auto dealers or Indian casinos and having a network will make that easier.

“Our goal to support people doing interesting and good hyperlocal journalism.”

Upon launch (in mid-January) SLOAN will include The Rancho Cordova Post, Gold River Online, Elk Grove Online, SacMix, The Sac Rag, and The Tomato Pages Network.

The SacPress staff will be the only ones selling into the network and Adify will supply the technology, so each will take cut of the action. But Ilfeld said publishers in the network will still receive 60% of the revenue, which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

“We want to put together enough unique users to challenge the other news outlets, and eventually, maybe even the (Sacramento) Bee,” Ilfeld added.

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