A new market for freelance journalism will emerge

Rather than kill trees to make handouts, and in the spirit of sharing with others, I’m using this blog post to publish a list of links to Web sites I plan to discuss today during a panel discussion at an SPJ workshop for freelance journalists in Seattle.

The focus of my material will be examples of independent journalism start-ups. This, of course, is not a comprehensive list but rather a glimpse at the current landscape, complete with ad hoc categorization. For more extensive collections – with hundreds of examples – see Placeblogger for hyperlocal blogs or the Knight Citizen News Network for citizen media enterprises.

The point I will try to make: now that journalism has become more entrepreneurial, freelance journalists should have an advantage since they have always had to entrepreneurial. As large institutions cut back or close, smaller enterprises are sprouting like weeds forming the next marketplace for freelance journalism.

Big-time: TechCrunch, GigaOm, Huffington Post, Politico.

“Mature” start-ups: Pegasus News, Baristanet, MinnPost, Voice of San Diego, St. Louis Beacon, Seal Beach Daily (to name just a few).

Recent launches by former newspaper journalists: Ex-Rocky staffers start a sports site, former Plain-Dealer staffers start a medical news site,  and former reporter starts a shopping blog.

Getting started:

Looking for tools and training? Try J-Learning, the Knight Citizen News Network, and (of course) Journalism 2.0. (Full disclosure: I’m currently doing some work for J-Lab, which is behind J-Learning and the Knight Citizens News Network and also published my last book.) The J-Learning site is particularly helpful since it is really a soup-to-nuts package of launching a news site.

As always, add more links in the comments please.

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