My favorite iPhone apps

The iPhone has changed the way I access information and communicate with other people. It has also changed the assumptions I have about what an electronic gadget can do and how I think information will consumed – and published – in the future.

But it can also be a ton of fun. And since I enjoy learning what apps other people consider “must-haves,” I decided to make my own top 10 list from the 60 apps I have downloaded to my iPhone:


1. Pandora (It’s like satellite radio on your phone)
2. Facebook (Now I never go to on a computer)
3. SportsTap (All the scores – fast)
4. Jott (Because all that talking to yourself in the car can be useful)
5. Mint (It’s like being having a personal banker in your pocket)

For fun:

1. More Cowbell (Complete with Christopher Walken’s voice)
2. LED Football (Just like the version you grew up with)
3. Ocarina (Turns your iPhone into a flute-thingy)
4. Shazam (Discover one-hit wonders, impress your friends)
5. MotoChaser (Just like riding a motorcycle, but safer)

For the kids:

1. Lightsaber (Fun for grown-ups, too)
2. iChalky (If you like to Elf yourself, you’ll love this)
3. Penguin Lite (Who knew throwing penguins at polar bears would be so fun?)
4. Jumbalu Zoo (Mix and match cartoon animals)
5. iBaseball (Do not allow kids to try this unless you have a protective cover on your iPhone)

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