Why it’s a good time to be journalist

It’s good to be digital.

That’s the overriding theme in the exams I just finished reading through for the distance learning course I’ve been teaching for the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

The first question on the exam was “why is it a good time to be a journalist?” Call it “forced optimism” if you want, but it’s what teachers do.

In their own words, here are some of the journalists’ responses:

Ulisses Neto: Because we are living in the digital age right now. Today we have an unprecedented flow of information and so many tools to deal with it. This reality allows us to produce content with more accuracy and to keep a closest relation with the audience, feeling what and how the readers want to know what is happening.

Talita Bertolim Moreira: There has never seen such a time with so many – and powerful – tools available to journalists tell stories and interact with the audience – like blogs, videos, maps etc. You can tell stories while they are still going on and know much better what your audience wants. You can also try new methods and technologies.

Gabrieli Chanas: This is a good time to be a journalist because we are living times of great stories, great technology and easy access to new tools. The actual journalist has the power of increase his stories with a bunch of features. We can talk with our reader, we can ask the readers for collaborations, we can make a story gain life by giving it audio or video.

César Chaman: Because now, thanks to technology, journalists have close at hand many tools to tell stories in a complete way and interact with readers and audience. And, also, these technologies let us work without restrictions of time and space.

Bruno Boghossian: Because the current technology offers us powerful tools to tell stories and create content for our readers. The ability do interact with our readers and the disappearance of time and space constraints are very exciting for anyone who really loves journalism.

Silvana Santiago: Because this is a time of change. No one knows what the future will be like. But since this moment is a moment of new technologies being brought to us and there are new  ways to “sew”, “thread”, and –why not- “tell” stories, let’s experiment, create and even have fun!

Valeria Shapira: Because we have new opportunities in our profession. While the essentials are the same it is time of exploring and using those new ways of being a journalist. For this, it’s important to adapt our practices, knowing that we have powerful human and technical methods that we have never tried before to tell stories and to establish a better connection, a better dialogue with readers.

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